C-TPAT Consulting, LLC. Services


"Helping Your Company Partnership With CBP CTPAT!"

Participation in CBP CTPAT is voluntary and there are no costs associated with joining the program, however there are certain steps and criteria that must be met by companies to become a member. C-TPAT Consulting, LLC. through our ‘Consulting Services’ offers various solutions to help your company become a member of CBP CTPAT, become Certified, Validated and Maintain a long Partnership with CBP CTPAT.

We will Do The Following:

  • Assist you in reviewing the CBP CTPAT Minimum Security Criteria to determine eligibility for the program
  • Assist you to submit a basic application through the CBP CTPAT Portal system
  • Assist in conducting a company Risk Assessment and utilize our exclusive Online security survey
  • Assist in completing and submitting a company supply chain security profile including the Company Profile and the Security Profile
  • Assist in reviewing the company application with the CBP CTPAT Supply Chain Security Specialist and provide program guidance to certify the company into the CBP CTPAT program within 90 days
  • Assist with the company being validated within a year of certification
  • Assist and provide program guidance on an on-going basis to retain company validation in the CBP CTPAT Program


CTPAT Consulting, LLC. Consulting Packages:

Compliance to some governmental programs can sometimes be confusing, C-TPAT Consulting, LLC. has created ‘Consultancy Packages’ designed to clarify and simplify the Certification and Validation process. Our ‘Consultancy Packages’ can be arranged to suit any requirement and budget. By using our experience with various clients who have a variety of requirements, we have developed a menu of consulting strategies from which you can choose.

  • Complete Consulting Package (all inclusive)
  • Program Eligibility
  • Portal System
  • Program Audit
  • Risk Assessment
  • Company Profile
  • Security Profile
  • Site Visits Domestic
  • Site Visits Foreign
  • Client Surveys
  • Certification
  • Validation
  • Ongoing Validation

Our Track Record

Dorsey P. Hunt, Director, C-TPAT Consulting, LLC., has provided CBP CTPAT consulting services for 15 years, since 2005, shortly after the inception of the CBP CTPAT Program in 2001. We believe securing the supply chain and securing your company's supply chain are a necessity for any company involved in international trade. Our clients include privately owned companies through Fortune 500 companies, manufactures, trucking, sea carriers, NVOCC's, consolidators, importers, freight forwarders and customs brokers.